This Maglev Gearbox Doesn't Need Teeth

The most inefficient part of a gearing system is also its most vital: the teeth. While they allow the systems to, y'know, work, they also introduce vast quantities of frictional losses and, in turn, mechanical wear—so this new system uses magnetic levitation to do away with them. » 12/03/14 8:00am 12/03/14 8:00am

The World's Fastest Train Is Ready to Ride

The world's fastest mag-lev train, the 311 mph Series Lo prototype from JR Tokai, made its first public run on Saturday. One hundred lucky passengers took part in a 27-mile trip between Uenohara and Fuefuki...which took just five minutes to complete once the train got up to speed. » 11/18/14 11:40am 11/18/14 11:40am

They are building the first personal maglev transport system in Israel

SkyTran—a NASA Space Act company—is finally building a pilot of its computer-controlled, two-person high speed maglev transport system. Cars run 20-feet above the ground and can be ordered by a smartphone app. » 7/01/14 5:35am 7/01/14 5:35am

China's Maglev Train Prototype Could Reach Speeds of 1,800 MPH

A research team in China just successfully tested a blisteringly fast transportation concept: super-maglev, a high speed train that could theoretically hit speeds of up to 1,800 miles per hour. That's three times the speed of a passenger jet. » 5/09/14 12:20pm 5/09/14 12:20pm

The World's Fastest Train Will Float on a Cushion of Electromagnetism

The fastest train in America, the Amtrak Acela line running from Boston and DC tops out at 110MPH. Sure, that's way faster than taking a Greyhound, but pathetically pokey compared to the 311MPH bullet of the Mag-Lev train currently being developed by Japan's JR Tokai. » 11/28/12 11:40am 11/28/12 11:40am

In the Future, Maglev Cannons Will Shoot Us Into Space

Today in grandiose space ambitions that would make even Newt Gingrich balk: a $60 billion, 1,000-mile long, 12-mile high, 20,000-miles-per-hour maglev train that starts on the ground and arrives in low Earth orbit. The minds behind the Startram project think it could reduce the cost per kilo (that's like 2.2 pounds… » 3/13/12 9:20pm 3/13/12 9:20pm

One-Person Maglev Car, Like Riding a 300MPH Roller Coaster to Work

It sure looks like a roller coaster, but this maglev (magnetic levitation) car is more likely in development for personal transportation. By Tyco and Gakken, the maglev system suspends the car 2-3 centimeters above the track, propelling the rider forward without friction. Since the fastest record for a full-blown… » 10/01/08 12:40pm 10/01/08 12:40pm

Transportation Bill Gives $45 Million To Maglev Project, Sets It Up For…

A new transportation bill signed by Bush on Friday would free up $45 million to build the U.S.'s first maglev train. The train will travel between Disneyland and Las Vegas at up to 300 mph and is meant to help ease traffic on the 250+ mile ride on Interstate 15. While I'm all for high-speed trains and efficient… » 6/07/08 12:00pm 6/07/08 12:00pm

Maglev Haptic Control Technology Could be Used for Microsurgery, Robot…

Gadget Lab got a hands-on demo with a prototype magnetic levitation haptic control unit at Carnegie Mellon University, where they experienced the artifical feel (via magnets) of 3d rabbits, hard surfaces and vinyl records. In addition to simulating the general shapes of objects, the technology can accurately reproduce… » 3/05/08 6:15pm 3/05/08 6:15pm

JR Central Says World's Fastest Maglev Train Arrives in 2025

It may be the world's fastest, a maglev bullet train capable of exceeding 500 kph (310 mph), but it feels like the world's slowest to arrive. JR Central announced today that it would deploy its maglev system in 2025 to carry commuters between Tokyo and central Japan (despite one test of the technology resulting in a… » 12/26/07 9:04am 12/26/07 9:04am

Crealev Floating Lamp Leavens Any Room

In the future, everything will levitate. Take for example Angela Jansen's floaty lamp, shown by the Netherlander firm Crealev at a show during Dutch Design Week. (Oh, you don't attend?) It's actually the shade that hovers using magnetic levitation over the light-up lamp base, but it's enough to make you truly believe… » 10/31/07 9:13am 10/31/07 9:13am

Pantech Slim Phone: Maglev Makes It Skinnier But Doesn't Make You Float

At 9.99mm (0.39 inches), Pantech's new slim phone is the skinniest slide-phone currently on the market, beating Samsung by 3mm. And, in a cellphone first, it's all down to Magnetic Levitation, the same technology that is used by Japan's Bullet Trains some high speed trains. The phone also sports a 1.3-megapixel… » 3/15/07 9:31am 3/15/07 9:31am

US Military Developing Gigantic Magnetic 21,600mph Slingshot

Since the US military sucks up nearly a trillion dollars of our income taxes every year, they have plenty of money to blow, and here's one of the cool toys such prodigious amounts of cash will buy: it's a giant magnetic slingshot. But the spending has hardly even started on this one yet—the Air Force so far has… » 1/03/07 12:07pm 1/03/07 12:07pm

Tokyo's Premier "Maglev" Elevator

If you're constantly worried you'll end up like the picture above, you may want to check out Tokyo's newest addition to its high-tech stable of crap called the "maglev" elevator. Though it won't be up and running until 2008, this technology will basically suspend you in mid-air through what they say is a combination… » 1/18/06 9:44am 1/18/06 9:44am