These Aerial Views of New York City Are the Best I've Ever Seen

It’s unfair to ask me because when I look at New York City, I see the energy and the buzz and all the memories I’ve made there. Sure, the buildings are lovely and the skyline is gorgeous but it’s the feeling I get from when I just look at the city that makes it spectacular. So call me a little biased when I think it’s…

Watch a Train Travel Inside the Tunnels of the New York City Subway System

The New York City subway works, most of the time. It’s not the flashiest and it’s not the cleanest and it’s not always on time and it can get too crowded during rush hour but you can get all over the city for $2.75. Not the worst deal! It’s also just part of the fabric of the city. Here are videos from DJ Hammers

How Kids of the 1950s Got The Idea That They Could Hunt Dinosaurs on Venus

In 1950, the Hayden Planetarium promoted its new exhibit, “Conquest of Space,” by soliciting letters for the public to reserve a seat on the first trip into space. The letters all make for an entertaining read, but one in particular stuck out for me. A letter from a person named Arthur described how he’d like to…