Inside the Small Brooklyn Studio Making the Wackiest Synths I've Seen

Critter & Guitari make some of the most unique synthesizers I've ever seen. They don't just sound cool—they're explicitly designed to be both familiar to experienced musicians and encourage people to engage with the gear in new and creative ways. » 3/18/15 4:45pm 3/18/15 4:45pm

The crappy photos of NASA's golden era you never get to see

We are used to see the epic, awe-inspiring, perfect photos from the golden age of NASA, during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. Those are not the photos that you will find in Drewatts Bloomsbury's auction. These are all pretty shitty—poorly exposed, badly framed, out of focus, or just plain boring. » 2/20/15 10:19am 2/20/15 10:19am

Extraordinary photos capture the true spirit of New York City at night

French artist and photographer Franck Bohbot has the ability to make New York City look even more cinematic than it normally does by manipulating color very carefully. According to him, he plays with melancholic light and hues to create an "enigmatic atmosphere with a documentary-style approach." » 7/15/14 3:30pm 7/15/14 3:30pm

Couple gets their wedding photos with a tornado in the background

Why are people taking wedding photos in the middle of natural disasters? Is this becoming a new photo fad? Last week we had Josh Newton's photos in the middle of a raging fire in Oregon. Today we got Colleen Niska's photoshot with a tornado as the backdrop. » 7/07/14 1:44pm 7/07/14 1:44pm

Woman photoshopped to fit the definition of beauty in 25 countries

Here's an amazing experiment to see the differences between feminine beauty "ideals" across different countries: 24-year-old radio journalist Esther Honig had her picture photoshopped by Photoshop artists from 25 different countries. She told them to "make her look beautiful" according to their country standards. » 6/27/14 12:04am 6/27/14 12:04am

These photos prove that celebrities today look exactly like old celebs

If you ever thought that Scarlett Johansson looked like Marilyn Monroe or that George Clooney reminded you of Cary Grant or that certain celebrities today make you think of famous people from years past, you're not crazy. It's true. Beautiful famous people look like beautiful famous people, no matter the era. And… » 12/26/13 5:31pm 12/26/13 5:31pm

Are these insane photos real or just images from movies and games?

War photographs aren't grainy or blurry or dark anymore. Now they are so crispy, clean and dramatic that my brain has problems admitting they are real. Or are they? This collection of awesome combat images are a good example of that. They feel like perfect special effects shots taken out of sci-fi movies or video… » 10/25/13 4:56pm 10/25/13 4:56pm

Can You Spot the Photographs Hiding in Plain Sight?

It's not too difficult to find the still photographs in this video but some seem to pop up and surprise you when you'd least suspect it. This short little video created by mustardcuffins shows photographs that "skim across the skin of reality". Awesome concept. [mustardcuffins] » 9/13/13 9:00pm 9/13/13 9:00pm

Google+ Now Works as a Serious Photo Editor (If You Use Chrome)

Google+ is now rolling out many of the image adjustment tricks included in its Auto Awesome feature as manual tools—if you use the right browser. » 9/12/13 5:11am 9/12/13 5:11am

Photographs From Hurricane Sandy, Visualized

This might look like your car's speedometer, but it is in fact a clever visualization of photographs taken during Hurricane Sandy last year. » 7/03/13 5:05am 7/03/13 5:05am

26 Photos Taken In $20 Lightboxes

What kind of photos can you get out of a cardboard box wrapped in some paper? You'd be amazed. For this week's Shooting Challenge, we asked you to scrap together your own cheap lightbox. The results were fantastic. » 2/05/13 2:00pm 2/05/13 2:00pm

The Cameras and Settings That Captured This Year's Best Photos

Every year, Reuters publishes a list of its best photography, and you'll recognise plenty of the 95 iconic images that capture this year's biggest news stories. One keen Redditor, though, wanted to know more—so analyzed the EXIF data of all the images to find out how they were captured. » 12/03/12 6:58am 12/03/12 6:58am

All of…

Giant View-Master Photo Frame Beats Staring Through Plastic Goggles

The classic View-Master toy gave a lot of us our first look at 3D images—a technology we would one day learn to despise. But that doesn't mean there still isn't a soft spot for those plastic goggles and paper discs in our hearts, which you can immortalize on your wall with this fantastic photo frame. » 7/25/12 12:40pm 7/25/12 12:40pm

This Is How Photos Work in Windows 8

If you've used the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 you'll have had a sneak peek of the Photos app in the new operating system. But Microsoft has just announced what else is set to roll out come the official launch so, without further ado, here's how photos work in Windows 8. » 6/27/12 7:34am 6/27/12 7:34am

Dropbox Now Automatically Uploads Your Photos

Dropbox has announced a new release of its desktop and Android software, which means that the service can now upload your photographs to your Dropbox account automatically. Yes, that's exactly like iCloud and Google+, but it's good news for anyone who doesn't use either of those services. [Dropbox] » 2/24/12 4:14am 2/24/12 4:14am

Orphaned Photos Find Owners in Tsunami-Ravaged Town

Last year's earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan left countless individuals separated from their possessions, including family photos. The Japanese town of Ofunato has set up a hub where people can come to search through piles of salvaged pictures with the hope of finding their own. Satako Kinno is a paper… » 2/21/12 1:00pm 2/21/12 1:00pm

30 Shameless Photos that Rip Off Famous Paintings

You can take a photo and hope it turns out well, or you can take a photo and rip the color palette from a famous painting, claiming the artist's soul as your own. Good artists borrow, great artists use Photoshop. » 12/06/11 2:00pm 12/06/11 2:00pm

What Would You Do With A Lego Robot That Takes iPad Photos?

The folks at Montreal-based Pheromone Lab designed a Lego robot whose main function was to automate photo-taking on the iPad 2. Yes, you probably could use a software tool like UI Automation for the task, but that's no fun. » 9/22/11 11:40pm 9/22/11 11:40pm

WhatWasHere Creates Historical Maps Using Crowd Sourced Photographs

WhatWasHere is a project that uploads historic photographs to Google Maps so you can see what a location looked like in the past. Photos can be uploaded through the WhatWasHere website or via an iPhone app. » 9/16/11 12:21am 9/16/11 12:21am