Finally: A Wearable That Lets You Charge Your Gadgets by Jerking Off

We've all shaken a fitness tracker or two in our lives to beat the system. But now, Pornhub is making a wearable meant for just that—shaking. And beating. It's called the Wankband, and it lets you charge your gadgets by jacking off. It was only a matter of time. » 2/26/15 1:40pm 2/26/15 1:40pm

'50 Shades Of Grey' Had An Entirely Predictable Effect On Porn Searches

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me. At least that's the message that randy users are sending leading porn streaming site PornHub following the release of 50 Shades Of Grey in cinemas: more people — especially women — want to watch BDSM content thanks to Christian Grey. » 2/23/15 9:40pm 2/23/15 9:40pm

Maps show which body parts in porn are the most popular across the world

Pornhub's always wonderful statistical analysis crack team looked at their glorious search data to answer one of life's greatest questions: are you a boobs or a butt person. After finding out which states and which countries like which part, they mapped it all out for the world to see. America, we're a butt country. » 12/13/14 12:41am 12/13/14 12:41am

Which Countries Last the Longest Watching Porn (Damn, China!)

While barriers both geographical and linguistic separate us from our international brethren, there is one unifying language that needs no translation—that of porn. So in the spirit of healthy competition and exploration, the Pornhub stats team just released an interactive map to answer an age old question: Which… » 12/10/14 12:00pm 12/10/14 12:00pm

A State-by-State Map of How America Likes Its Porn

America loves porn. Everybody loves porn. And according to data from Pornhub, we are increasingly loving porn from mobile devices rather than desktops. How does you your state measure up? Pornhub has a map to help you find out. » 12/08/14 3:30pm 12/08/14 3:30pm

The #1 News Station in Memphis Accidentally Tweeted a Pornhub Link

If you're wondering about the rain and storms in Memphis, you might have gotten a big surprise in your Twitter feed today. WREG News Channel 3 briefly directed its Twitter followers to a link that not only had zero radar information about the #memstorm—it was a PornHub user's profile. » 10/07/14 11:27am 10/07/14 11:27am

The Internet Is on Go-Slow Today to Support Net Neutrality

Websites including Reddit, Pornhub, Twitter and Netflix are all slowing down today in support of net neutrality. In this article, the Electronic Frontier Foundation explains why—and how you can join in.
» 9/10/14 3:30am 9/10/14 3:30am

The Ultimate Breakdown of How People Watch Porn Online

If there are any two things that define the tech-minded modern millennial, they are his operating system and his porn preferences. Fortunately for our inquiring minds, our data-crunching friends over at Pornhub have to access to both. » 8/26/14 1:27pm 8/26/14 1:27pm

Coolio Is Releasing His Next Song on...PornHub?

More like wanker's paradise: Rapper and hairstyle pioneer Coolio is releasing his new music through Pornhub in a bold new plan to change online music distribution forever. » 7/23/14 11:46am 7/23/14 11:46am

Which Browser's Users Are the Most Porn-Crazed?

The influx of smartphones and tablets has meant one thing and one thing alone: Human beings have never had so many ways of consuming pornography. But which browser—Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more—gets the most action? Fortunately, our friends over at Pornhub had the answer. » 6/03/14 4:00pm 6/03/14 4:00pm

The best and weirdest PornHub ads that didn't make the cut

PornHub is celebrating an amateur ad contest. The finalists are in this short list, where you can vote for your favorite, but there are some unique videos that didn't make the cut. Here are the best and weirdest of the ones that were left out. » 5/21/14 10:22pm 5/21/14 10:22pm

How to Make an Ad for Porn That Isn't Two People F*cking

Porn! The internet is full of it—so full, in fact, that PornHub has decided to set itself apart by running an ad campaign in the blinding, unobscured light of day. Which, for a company specializing in smut, is easier said than done. » 5/20/14 9:00pm 5/20/14 9:00pm

A City by City Guide to America's Filthy Porn Searches

Our favorite depraved data crunchers at the Pornhub Insights blog are at again, this time in collaboration with our other good friends over at Digg. And what do they have for us today? A city by city rundown of America's favorite special alone time smut. » 3/25/14 10:36am 3/25/14 10:36am

People Actually Watch Less Porn on Valentine's Day

Today, those of us who have significant others are obligated to spend time with them. Logic says that the rest of us go straight home after work and spend the night enjoying the most romantic porn we can find. Right? Untrue! People across the country actually watch less porn on Valentine's Day. » 2/14/14 3:20pm 2/14/14 3:20pm

Always Clear the Porn From Your Browser Before Going on TV

Someone over in the production department at Chicago's WGN news station is apparently learning about internet best practices the hard way today. This very unlucky employee managed to get their little Pornhub Mobile habit splashed all over the local news—and, naturally, the internet took notice. » 2/11/14 11:00am 2/11/14 11:00am

The Year in Porn, According to PornHub's Porn Charts

As happens every December, the internet's spent the past month basking in the warm glow of nostalgia, and at long last, our illustrious friends over at PornHub have joined the year-in-review bandwagon. And what did these intrepid naked number crunchers discover? » 12/20/13 10:40am 12/20/13 10:40am

The Historical Events That Drove People to (and From) Porn

We already know people love porn—that's never been up for debate. But have you ever wondered what it would take for the citizens of the world to actually give up their precious personal sexytime? Pornhub certainly has, and the answers, which come to you in the form of this lovely interactive map, actually just might… » 11/22/13 2:20pm 11/22/13 2:20pm

There's a Pandora for Porn Because of Course There Is

PornIQ, a new website billing itself as the Pandora of streaming smut, has done for self-love what a dozen other services have done for music. It was only a matter of time. » 11/06/13 4:32pm 11/06/13 4:32pm

Here's the Adorable Porn Site Super Bowl Ad That CBS Rejected

An elderly couple sits on a bench overlooking a snowy park. The woman looks up at her partner, lovingly, and he returns the glance with a grin. The piano music swells, and they go back to observing the park. This is, of course, an ad for porn. » 1/29/13 3:59pm 1/29/13 3:59pm