A City by City Guide to America's Filthy Porn Searches

Our favorite depraved data crunchers at the Pornhub Insights blog are at again, this time in collaboration with our other good friends over at Digg. And what do they have for us today? A city by city rundown of America's favorite special alone time smut. » 3/25/14 10:36am 3/25/14 10:36am

The Year in Porn, According to PornHub's Porn Charts

As happens every December, the internet's spent the past month basking in the warm glow of nostalgia, and at long last, our illustrious friends over at PornHub have joined the year-in-review bandwagon. And what did these intrepid naked number crunchers discover? » 12/20/13 10:40am 12/20/13 10:40am

The Historical Events That Drove People to (and From) Porn

We already know people love porn—that's never been up for debate. But have you ever wondered what it would take for the citizens of the world to actually give up their precious personal sexytime? Pornhub certainly has, and the answers, which come to you in the form of this lovely interactive map, actually just might… » 11/22/13 2:20pm 11/22/13 2:20pm

The 11 Days of the Year When People Watch the Least Amount of Porn

You don't have to pretend here. It's a safe space. Everybody watches porn on the Internet. It's the real reason why the Internet exists. But do you know the days when people watch the least amount of porn? Pornhub.com (you might be familiar with their work) released statistics from 2012 that show when it got the least… » 1/16/13 10:00pm 1/16/13 10:00pm