Come Touch Tomorrow's (Unused!) Sex Toys at the Home of the Future

If there's one thing that humans can't afford to stop doing with each other, it's having sex. And as long as machines that make it feel even better are available, you're going to want those machines in your bedroom. Naturally, the bedroom in Gizmodo's Home of the Future is full of them. » 5/18/14 8:54pm 5/18/14 8:54pm

This Slingshot Cannon Shoots Vibrators Like the Little Golden Bullets…

They look like golden bullets, sure, but I don't care what kind of sexual deviant you are; you probably shouldn't be on the recieving end of a gun that fires vibraters. Nonetheless, Joerg Sprave has built one—caving to watcher's demands—and dubbed it the "Launcher of Love," which is suggestive in its own right. » 10/06/12 8:00pm 10/06/12 8:00pm

Would You Use a Wifi-Enabled Sex Toy with Your Long-Distance Lover?

Smart sex toys and wifi-enabled NSFW devices have become increasingly prevalent in the adult toy marketplace. On the one hand, these devices have the potential to improve cyber sex beyond all measure. On the other, there's nothing like one's own hand to do the trick, when there's miles between you and nothing but… » 7/16/12 9:20pm 7/16/12 9:20pm