Aww, Solar Impulse 2 Is So Damaged It's Grounded Until Next Year

We knew that the solar-powered Solar Impulse 2—currently on an almost literally Icarusian flight around the world—was badly damaged on its record-breaking flight from Japan to Hawaii last week. But today we learned that the extent of the damage is so severe it will ground the craft until next spring. »7/15/15 10:30am7/15/15 10:30am

Solar Impulse Fried its Batteries on Historic Five Day Flight

The Solar Impulse 2 trucked so hard on its record breaking, nonstop flight from Japan to Hawaii, it seems to have overheated its lithium ion batteries. The plane is now grounded for the next 2 to 3 weeks while engineers work to fix the damage and determine whether new parts will be needed to get the Impulse airborne… »7/11/15 2:00pm7/11/15 2:00pm

Flying a Solar Plane Around the World Takes One Hell of a Ground Crew

In about half an hour, the Solar Impulse solar-powered plane is going to touch down in Hawaii, at the end of a record-setting flight across the Pacific. Attention and praise are quite rightly going to be heaped on pilot André Borschberg, who will have been peeing into a funnel for 120 hours straight. But behind the… »7/03/15 11:30am7/03/15 11:30am

Solar Impulse Ends Cross-Country Flight With Tiny Little 8-Ft Wing Gash

It took two months for Solar Impulse, the little solar-powered plane that could, to make it from Washington state to New York's JFK airport. Two months of 45mph speeds, multiple stopovers, and cursing at clouds. But after surviving all that time and distance, the flight's triumphant finale was cut short by a torn wing. »7/07/13 10:24am7/07/13 10:24am

This Inflatable Aircraft Carrier Houses a Solar-Powered Wonder Plane

When you're flying around the world in a lightweight solar-powered plane with a wingspan larger than most commercial airliners, you need to guarantee you've always got a safe place to store it on the ground. So the support team behind the Solar Impulse, the world's first globe circumnavigating solar-powered aircraft,… »6/05/13 12:19pm6/05/13 12:19pm