Induced Stem Cells Will Be Tested on Humans for the First Time

Back in 2006, when controversy over embryonic stem cell funding was still raging, a piece of research came along that would make the debate essentially obsolete: normal adult cells can actually be reprogrammed into stem cells. No embryos necessary. The technique went on to win its inventor the Nobel Prize. And now,… »9/10/14 6:03pm9/10/14 6:03pm

There Are Cells Inside Teeth That Can Turn Back Into Stem Cells

Inside each of our hard, calcified teeth is a small population of living stem cells that can differentiate into many types of tissue. The origin of those stem cells has long been unknown, but scientists may now have a completely surprising answer: Cells of the nervous system can migrate into the middle of a tooth and… »7/31/14 2:10pm7/31/14 2:10pm

A Lady Grew Bones in Her Eyelids Because of a Dangerous New Surgery

Eternal youth doesn't come cheap. No one knows this better than a Los Angeles woman who underwent a non-FDA approved cosmetic eye surgery using stem cells. Unwanted side effects include: pain, a clicking sound in her eyelid "like a tiny castanet snapping shut," and last—but certainly not least—spontaneous bone growth… »12/19/12 6:20pm12/19/12 6:20pm

Scientists Can Now Grow Functioning Liver From Stem Cells

Scientists have promised a lot of regenerative medicine will come from stem cells, but so far progress has been fairly slow: they can stimualte regrowth of heart tissue, make incredibly expesnive artifical blood, or—at best—construct a short piece of vein. Now, though, scientists are claiming they can grow functional… »6/21/12 6:23am6/21/12 6:23am