What's the Worst "Bill Shock" You've Ever Experienced From a Telecom?

Ron Dorff, 83, uses dial-up to connect to the Internet as one of AOL’s 2.2 million remaining customers. In the space of two months, he racked up $24,000 in AT&T charges when his modem erroneously dialed an international number to get online. What’s the most ridiculous bill you’ve received from a telecom provider? »4/28/15 5:45pm4/28/15 5:45pm

Report: AT&T and Sprint Are Working With the NSA, Too (Duh)

The Wall Street Journal reports unnamed sources, which claim that Verizon isn't the only telecom turning over extensive phone records to the NSA. The agency's logging includes "call data" from AT&T and Sprint as well as information from ISPs and credit card records. If you've been following this week's disclosures… »6/07/13 10:40am6/07/13 10:40am

Asus Launches AiGuru SV1, World's First Skype-Certified Videophone

Update »9/18/08 5:51am9/18/08 5:51am: Asus tells us that the product wasn't supposed to be announced just yet. They're still tweaking the unit, so the specs listed below aren't the final specs. What we do know is that this device is coming and it is going to be something similar to this, but minor details will probably be changed. The original…

Emergency Telecoms Team Forced to Wait in Thailand by Burmese Junta

Emergency communications kits destined to help the clear-up of the Burmese cyclone have been held up by the Asian country's military junta. A five-man team from NGO Telecoms Sans Frontieres has been waiting all week for its entry visas from the turds powers that be of the brutal regime. And, until the visas are… »5/10/08 1:30pm5/10/08 1:30pm