Mega Just Launched End-to-End Encrypted Audio and Video Chat

Kim Dotcom & Co. has launched a new audio and video chat service, which it hopes will provide stiff competition for Skype. It certainly has one major selling point up its sleeve: it offers end-to-end encryption for all communications. » 1/22/15 6:40am 1/22/15 6:40am

Firefox Hello Does Account-Free Video Chat

Parent-calling-avoiders of the world have never had it worse: Skype, Hangouts and FaceTime are all stellar and free programs that mean that you've got basically no reason for ignoring forgetting your parents' wedding anniversary. But Firefox wants to add to that list, with a video-calling client that doesn't even need… » 10/17/14 2:00am 10/17/14 2:00am

Apple May Have Figured Out How to Make FaceTime Work With Bad Internet

A new invention filed by Apple with the US Patent and Trademark Office is so simple but clever that it's amazing it's not been done before: Cook & Co. suggests that it could insert doctored or pre-recorded images into FaceTime chats on crappy connections to keep the conversation smooth. » 1/16/14 8:48am 1/16/14 8:48am

Skype Says It Can Support Holographic Video Calls

For decades, we've been waiting for oh-so-futuristic hologram technology to make the leap from Star Wars movies to our living rooms, and it hasn't. It sounds like it's right around the corner, though, after Skype announced that it had developed 3D video chat technology in the lab. » 8/29/13 12:03pm 8/29/13 12:03pm

AT&T Is Finally Going to Let Everyone Video Chat Over Data

AT&T has caught a lot of flak for being excruciatingly picky about what apps can do video chat over data on what kind of plans. It's been equal parts annoying and confusing for everyone involved. But now, the carrier is about to simplify it by letting everyone do everything by the end of this year. Finally. » 5/20/13 3:02pm 5/20/13 3:02pm

Would You Pay For FaceTime Over 3G?

When Apple launched iOS 6, it was happy to announce that FaceTime was finally going to be available over 3G. Great! But now, 9to5mac is reporting, based on leaked screenshots, that using FaceTime over AT&T's 3G network may require a paid-for contract bolt-on. Not so great. » 7/17/12 6:21am 7/17/12 6:21am

Report: Facebook Messenger App Could Get Video Chat Upgrade Soon

It's rumored that Facebook is extending its standalone Messenger app for iPhone to include video chat capabilities, and 9to5mac reports that the current beta version is "smooth most of the time". » 5/02/12 9:19am 5/02/12 9:19am

Hang Out with NFL Draft Picks on Google+ Because That's Not Awkward

Like the horror movie villain that never dies, Google+ Hangouts is still somehow finding a way to slither into our collective mind even after we've forgotten about it. This time, the expected top two NFL picks in this year's draft, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, will host Google+ Hangouts on their teams page. » 4/26/12 9:42am 4/26/12 9:42am

FaceTime Is Making People Hate Their Faces So Much They're Getting…

No—not an Onion article. A Washington, DC-area plastic surgeon is being hit with patients rendered so self-conscious by their video chatting visages that they're asking for phone-specific facelifts. Technology is great except when it's so, so awful. » 2/27/12 5:40pm 2/27/12 5:40pm

Skype's Updated App Lets You Make Facebook-to-Facebook Video Calls

Skype's been powering Facebook's video chat feature since July, but its new apps for Windows and OS X now let you use the Skype client to directly make video calls to your Facebook friends. » 11/17/11 12:24pm 11/17/11 12:24pm

Google+ for iOS Gets Mobile Hangouts, Too

Not to leave iOS users in the dust, Google just updated their Google+ app to include video chat and improved group messaging. I have about one more reason to use my languishing account. Keep 'em coming, Google! [iTunes via Phonescoop] » 9/24/11 10:20am 9/24/11 10:20am

Droid Bionic Coming September 8th, According to New Leaks

Droid Bionic, where have you been? You've been teasing us since January, and now that you're finally coming, will people care or will you be out-shone by others who got to the party sooner and look at least as pretty? » 9/01/11 10:40am 9/01/11 10:40am

Live Cooking Class Explodes On Google+

Lee Allison had the brilliant idea of hosting a cooking class using Google+. He invited participants to video chat using Hangouts while he walked them through a recipe. » 8/11/11 12:05am 8/11/11 12:05am

Facebook's Hiding Video-Chat In Its Messenger App

Boy, if you ever want to know what Facebook's planning next, just take a peek in its code. That's what one chap did yesterday when Facebook released its Messenger app, and discovered that video-chat will be added soon. » 8/10/11 6:15am 8/10/11 6:15am

Facebook's "Awesome" New Product? Skype Video Chat

Looks like Facebook will be partnering with Skype to offer video chat on mobile devices and browsers. Awesome, indeed. [Electronista] » 7/01/11 5:51pm 7/01/11 5:51pm

Fring Brings Four-Way Video Chat Gangbang to iPad

Popular vidchat client Fring isn't content with the usual one-on-one routine. If you've got three other friends, you can all talk to each other (or over each other) now, through an app orgy of chattering faces. » 6/27/11 12:29pm 6/27/11 12:29pm

It's Official: This Is the New AIM

On Monday we reported on AIM's kind-of-sort-of-secret new video chat site. As of today, it's official, and it's just the beginning of a new direction for the hoary chat service. » 5/12/11 7:00pm 5/12/11 7:00pm

We Used AIM's Secret Video Chat Site, and It's Pretty Great

So, AIM, the bloated bygone beast, has actually spawned a pretty terrific little blossom. Although only for DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION INTERNAL AOL USE at the moment, "AV by AIM" is great. Ad hoc video chat, decent quality, free, zero setup. » 5/10/11 9:26am 5/10/11 9:26am

Google Talk for Android Gets Video Chat

Google is rolling out a new Android 2.3.4 update to Nexus S users in the next few weeks and other Android 2.3+ devices in the near future. What's the biggie upgrade? Google Talk for Android is getting video chat. » 4/28/11 5:16pm 4/28/11 5:16pm

Windows' Skype Now Has Better Video Call Quality to Cellphones

Windows users, suffer no longer: Skype 5.3 brings along several bugs-fixes, but more importantly far-better video-chat quality when calling people on phones (or tablets). [Nexus404 via UberGizmo] » 4/08/11 9:36am 4/08/11 9:36am