Hang Out with NFL Draft Picks on Google+ Because That's Not Awkward

Like the horror movie villain that never dies, Google+ Hangouts is still somehow finding a way to slither into our collective mind even after we've forgotten about it. This time, the expected top two NFL picks in this year's draft, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, will host Google+ Hangouts on their teams page.

The draft today and it's one of those days for NFL fans where hope springs eternal, even for teams that were awful last year like the Colts and the Redskins (the two teams that will take Luck and RG3). You can follow along the Google+ Hangout for Andrew Luck at around 9PM here and actually put your name in the mix to talk to RG3 on Google+ here. The Redskins are only picking 5 people to talk to RG3 but since this is Google+, there is significantly less people competing with you. [Colts+, Redskins+ viaMashable]


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