This Rube Goldberg Basketball Machine Has Enough Tricks to Be a Harlem Globetrotter

It seems not even basketball court jester is a job that’s safe from from the rise of the machines. Students from Georgia Tech built a giant Rube Goldberg contraption that’s capable of reproducing many of the Harlem Globetrotter’s most crowd-pleasing tricks; from spinning a ball on a finger, to simply sinking baskets.

Comparing Evgenia Medvedeva's Sailor Moon Ice Skating Routine to the Anime Proves She's a Magical Girl

Evgenia Medvedeva is known for two things: 1) being an incredible figure skater—she competed in the Olympics earlier today—and 2) loving Sailor Moon. This resulted in a fantastic Sailor Moon-inspired routine she performed at the 2017 ISU World Team Trophy. And that’s resulted in someone making a video that matches her…