Outmywindow: A Movie Studio Creates Another Photo Sharing Service?

Nestled deep inside the Warner Brothers company is what it calls a "technology" unit responsible for experimenting and developing new things which the company can use for its movies and TV shows. But now the company is rolling out a multi-platform photo sharing service called outmywindow which begs a very important… »6/29/12 9:20am6/29/12 9:20am

Hollywood's Digital Movie Locker Finds a Home in Amazon and Samsung's Hallways

The UltraViolet Initiative hasn't exactly been the iTunes-killer Hollywood had hoped for. The File-Locker system, designed to simplify the process of owning one piece of content across multiple formats, has floundered in its first few months with poor reviews, unhappy customers and little industry support. But now… »1/10/12 9:33pm1/10/12 9:33pm

RealNetworks Sued for DVD Copying Software That Nobody Wanted Anyway

Almost reflexively, six studios have filed suit against RealNetworks for their brand-new DVD copying software. RealDVD, as it is (was?) called, was tepidly received »10/01/08 6:15am10/01/08 6:15am on account of crippling DRM which only allows for viewing of a ripped DVD on one PC, precluding the portability that might account for someone wanting to…

Paper-craft Batmobile Recreates Tumbler From The Dark Knight

Despite wanting desperately to watch The Dark Knight, I still haven't gotten a chance to rush out to my nearest movie theater and bask myself in the two-or-so-hours of nerdgasmic delight I know is waiting for me. So as the stellar reviews pour in from the papers and from friends, I need to find creative ways to… »7/19/08 10:45am7/19/08 10:45am

First Warner Bros. BD-Live Discs to Arrive in Christmas Stockings

Warner, the studio that sunk HD DVD's ship as it climbed aboard Blu-ray's, will be one of the slowest to jump on BD-Live, Blu-ray's online interactive content. Its BD-Live discs will arrive around Christmastime, with features like real-time viewing (?), a search engine, library access, and a recommendation tool-all… »6/23/08 11:58am6/23/08 11:58am

Get Smart's Swiss Army Knife Has Working Crossbow, Flamethrower and Blowgun

We were surprised to learn that one of the stars of Steve Carell's Get Smart is actually a Swiss Army knife, albeit one whose talents are slightly more impressive than your own trusty multi-tool. It's got your scissors, saw, magnifying glass and can opener, but how about a flame thrower that shoots six feet? Or a… »6/13/08 10:00am6/13/08 10:00am

Paramount and WB Offer $3 DVDs In China to Combat Piracy

In an effort to combat rampant piracy in China, Paramount and Warner Brothers have begun selling legitimate DVDs there for only $3. And these titles are not some bargain-bin Steven Segal DVDs either, rather new releases that are only two months out from their theater debut in the US. The $3 price tag is still over… »11/07/07 4:30pm11/07/07 4:30pm

Straight From Sam Walton's Mouth: New Details on Wal-Mart Movie Download Service

We have a lot of new details about Wal-Mart's movie download service—it is, as some feared, not as full-featured as we would have hoped, but it was repeatedly emphasized throughout the conversation that the service is very much in the "early beta stage," so they're "primarily focused on... improving what [they]… »2/06/07 6:00pm2/06/07 6:00pm