How to Sync Your WhatsApp Chats to the Web

Last month WhatsApp rolled out a web client, and yesterday it announced support for Firefox and Opera as well as Chrome, so it seems like an opportune time to show you how to switch between your browser and your mobile. There's still no love for iOS users or for Safari right now, but the rest of you can dive right in. » 2/26/15 10:37am 2/26/15 10:37am

WhatsApp Now Provides End-to-End Encryption For Your Messages

Encryption is a vital tool in helping keep your messages tucked away from prying eyes. Trying to stay safe while texting, though, meant also being siloed into effective-yet-niche chat platforms such as Silent Circle. But today, WhatsApp will start bringing end-to-end encryption to its 600 million users. » 11/18/14 10:43am 11/18/14 10:43am

Brazilian Vigilantes Used WhatsApp to Warn People of a Coming Massacre

Following a police shooting in northern Brazil, people started getting messages. On WhatsApp, they were warned to stay indoors that night. Some of the WhatsApp messages were texts, though the most popular was an audio file with a dire warning: "Don't go to Guama, Canudos or Terra Firme tonight. It concerns your… » 11/11/14 9:52am 11/11/14 9:52am

Whatsapp Read Receipts Now Work How They Always Should've

Chances are when you use Whatsapp you probably think one tick means "sent" and another means "read." Nope! But now the app has been updated so that its read receipts are actually useful. » 11/07/14 6:20am 11/07/14 6:20am

Report: Google Is Making Yet Another Messaging App

The Economic Times is reporting that Google is working hard to launch a messaging service similar to WhatsApp. Because what the world definitely needs is another messaging app. » 10/03/14 8:59am 10/03/14 8:59am

Voice Calling Spotted in the Latest Version of Whatsapp on iOS

Voice calling is definitely, definitely coming to WhatsApp and what's more, it's round the corner. A reference to the feature was spotted in the latest iOS update to the app by NDTV Gadgets, an Indian news portal. » 9/15/14 3:01am 9/15/14 3:01am

Whatsapp for iOS Gets A Ton Of New Features (But No Voice Calling Yet)

Whatsapp updates are so few and far between that we should probably open a bottle of wine every time we get them. The Facebook-owned instant messenger just got another update, and if you have an iPhone, you're in for a treat. » 9/09/14 12:10am 9/09/14 12:10am

What separates a social network from a messaging application? The EU is about to find out, having sent a 70-page long questionnaire to competitors and customers of Facebook to work out if its WhatsApp purchase is legit in terms of competition law. » 9/01/14 9:57am 9/01/14 9:57am

Whatsapp for Android Wear is finally out of beta, which means that you can now add Whatsapp notifications and voice messaging to the list of things your new-fangled smartwatch can do. [Android Police] » 9/01/14 5:15am 9/01/14 5:15am

This WhatsApp Redesign Would Make Facebook's $16 Billion Buy Worth It

Whatsapp has been one of the most talked about start-up giants in recent memory. Building upon the most basic of mobile services, messaging WhatsApp has managed to monetise and evolve the service through cross platform integration and making it free (among many other things). Following the $16billion acquisition of… » 3/17/14 4:40pm 3/17/14 4:40pm

Privacy Watchdog: Don't Trust Facebook with WhatsApp

The corporate narrative around WhatsApp's obscurity-to-billions story centers around values. The company's founders, we're told, respect our privacy above all else—except $19 billion dollars from a company no one trusts to respect our privacy. Now one group is asking for government intervention. » 3/07/14 3:41pm 3/07/14 3:41pm

​WhatsApp Is Getting Voice Calling

Facebook's new messaging service is about to turn into Facebook's new voice service. Today at Mobile World Congress, WhatsApp announced it's branching out into phone calls. » 2/24/14 9:15am 2/24/14 9:15am

The $16 Billion WhatsApp Sale Was Planned Around a Reward Miles Flight

You'd think that a $16 billion business deal would be a good reason to change your travel plans—after all, what's it to a billionaire? But according to WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum, finalizing the Facebook sale was organized around a plane ticket he couldn't change because it was booked with rewards points. » 2/23/14 4:00pm 2/23/14 4:00pm

7 Other Things Facebook Could Have Bought for $16 Billion

Facebook announced today that it's buying messaging app WhatsApp for the completely astounding sum of $16 billion dollars. That's a whole lot of money. What else could they have done with such a gargantuan stack of cash? Here's an incomplete list. » 2/19/14 7:40pm 2/19/14 7:40pm

Why Facebook Was Smart to Spend $16 Billion on WhatsApp

Facebook has had its fair share of stumbles trying to get a handle on how to take over your phone. I mean, remember Facebook Home? But with its $16 billion purchase of messaging app WhatApp, it's now poised to own the best way to chat on a smartphone and win the kiddies back all at once. » 2/19/14 6:43pm 2/19/14 6:43pm

Facebook Is Buying Messaging App WhatsApp for $16 Billion

Facebook just entered into an agreement to buy the hugely popular messaging app, which recently passed the milestone of 450 million active monthly users. The cost? $16 billion (more on the price below). Wow. » 2/19/14 5:09pm 2/19/14 5:09pm