11 Sci-Fi Films That Actually Deserve Reboots

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Hollywood's favorite pastime is remaking movies, or at the very least, slapping on another sequel and making millions. While that's all fun and good—I'm looking forward to the new Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Terminator like everyone else—many other sci-fi films also deserve adequate reboot/sequel attention.

I asked that very question last week and the responses only show that Hollywood has tons of great reboot candidates at its disposal. Just...please... no more Transformers.


Space vampires that eat your very essence instead of your blood. The idea is very cool. It has an extraterrestrial appeal, it is also vampires. However, it is kind of dated now and could stand to be reinvented.


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Prince of Darkness

The devil as a multidimensional being released by a supernova, this would be a great reboot. Modern quantum physics coupled with speculative horror about alien origins of religion. Loved this movie as a kid, someone could do a great job with this.


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Flight of the Navigator

The movie is almost 30 years old, and in the right hands, maybe it could be pulled off fairly and without damaging childhood memories. Robots are still relatively primitive, and events like Malaysian Air Flight 370's disappearance show that RADAR and other tracking methods are imperfect.


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The Last Starfighter

Being recruited to join an intergalactic adventure based on your prowess behind a video game joystick is (or at least should be) the dream of every kid. The Last Starfighter is a gem of '80s science fiction, but the series is ripe for a reboot, or even better, a sequel. It's kid-friendly, loved by its now-adult fans, and with tons of cool aliens and ships, just think of the merchandising.


Event Horizon

Rewatched it on Halloween. It's still amazing. Totally worthy of a sequel, although I guess you could say Interstellar is it's big-budget PG13 sequel...I see it as a campy horror movie in space. The script is somewhat ludicrous, the supporting characters are mainly stereotypes, but the blood flows like wine and it does a great job at building the scares and the art direction is fantastic. I love it.


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Logan's Run

I'd like to see a modern respin of this. They were supposed to run out of time at 21 and not 30. This would fit in perfectly with the popularity of young-adult dystopia films. I am surprised it has not been re-made yet.


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I think Dune needs an anime rendition. It's weird in all the right anime ways, and the pacing of the books has not historically translated well to live action. Leto II would work better drawn than CGI I expect though the Sandworms are anyone's guess.


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Enemy Mine

Imagine if instead of Captain James T. Kirk and the infamous Gorn fighting each other to death, they became best friends. You'd basically have Enemy Mine. This one feels particularly ripe for a reboot as the world needs reminding, especially lately, that very, very different beings can still become the best of friends.



A little of a Teen movie maybe, but i just loved the concept of Jumper, there's so much potential, also you can think with portals a la Portal.


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Starship Troopers

As much fun as Paul Verhoeven's 1997 adaptation may be, its similarities to the book were only superficial. Much of Heinlein's political commentary was totally absent (if not marginalized or unfairly represented). Also, there weren't any power suits!


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Rendezvous with Rama


So...yeah...this hasn't ever been a movie, but that very fact makes me question the sanity of the human race. Seriously. This Arthur C. Clarke classic is looooong overdue for a cinematic treatment and is really just one example of tons and tons of science fiction that has unjustly never made it to the big screen.

Any other lost sci-fi masterpieces out there that are still waiting for a new age makeover? Post your thoughts in the comments.