We've all viewed our share of photography through a mirror, but I can almost promise that the entries in this week's Shooting Challenge: Reflection in a Mirror have a few tricks you've never seen before.


Dual Approaches

[Ed note: two of this week's participants worked at the same idea—capture a subject through the mirror of another camera—in completely different, completely wonderful ways. ]

Lead Shot
Canon 7D, Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro: 1600 ISO 1/50

"Picture of the reflection from the internal mirrors through the viewfinder of a Pentex Spotmatic with the focus lens taken out. Took quite a few tools and brute force to get it apart to remove the lens. It really shows how indestructible these old cameras really were."
-Beau Blochlinger


Photograph taken with an Olympus PEN EP-1 at ISO 1000 with a 17mm lens
at f2.8.

"Subject was captured through the lens of a Canon XTi with a 50mm prime, bouncing off the internal mirror, then through the eyepiece. Got a laugh in that it's a non-SLR camera capturing the subject through a DSLR."
- Michael Koperwas


Most Wallpapery

Equipment: Nikon D5000, 55-200mm Lens, f5.6, 1/200, Focal Length: 155, No manipulations other than RAW adjustments and Cropping for contest.


"Walking around the office looking for reflective surfaces, I came across our table we use for eating. Nothing really caught my eye until I found some marbles in my Boss's office. There are many reflections that caught my eye, including the reflection of the windows/chairs on the table inside the marble, and the reflection of the marble itself. Hope you enjoy."
-Michael Burgos

I Just Liked It


Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, Exposure: 1/2500 sec, Aperture: f/1.8, ISO Speed: 100, Exposure Bias: -1 EV, Flash: Off, Did not fire, Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.8

"I took this walking down the street in NYC this past Thursday somewhere near the Chrysler Building (42nd & Lex). It was a beautiful, sunny day out so I dropped the exposure a few stops. Other than that, no special settings were used. That 50mm is pretty forgiving. :]"
-Ian Poley

Best Pet


I shot with my Canon EOS Rebel Xti with a Canon EF 35mm 2.0 Lens, using an Aperture F7.1, ISO 200, Exposure Mode: Manual, Exposure Time 1/80, &
Center Weighted Metering. I edited the shots using Photoshop too.

"I used 2 mirrors to reflect my dog when he was on the balcony entrance taking in the breeze."
- Joanne Cruz

My Mind Simply Won't Believe That This Is Real


I used a Canon XSi with the stock lens (35-55mm) at full zoom and f/5.6 aperture.

"It took many shots to get the right angle, but I eventually got it. The picture is not edited at all (other than increased sharpness and contrast)."
-Ryan Rogers

Most Reservoir Dogs


Nikon D80 with a 18-70mm lens, 60th of a second exposure, lens wide open, ASA 1600, Natural light from windows of the lobby.

"Downtown Dallas reflective metal ceiling."
- Jay Wood



D200, 35mm, iso 400, f2.8, Canon 7D, Canon 100mm IS USM f/2.8L taken at f/5.6, aperture priority, 1/40 sec.

"All natural light from the window."
[Ed note: The image is as simple as it is shocking.]
- Dago Matic

This week was especially fun (and hard) to judge, as I don't know we've seen such a diverse number of approaches to a common theme ever before. The entire, awesome gallery is below. Also, you can view it all on one page here.


Keep a lookout for our next Shooting Challenge, to be announced this Wednesday. In the meantime, call our your faves in the comments. Oh, and we'll be posting wallpapers from this and a few older contests later this week.

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