A Charging Cable That Only Glows When Touched Is Way Easier To Plug In

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Lining up a USB cable with the tiny charging port on your phone is hard enough during the day. At night it might as well be a MENSA test that you’ll always fail. But what if the business end of your USB cable glowed like a beacon in the night when touched? Now you see why it’s time to upgrade.

The Luminid Touch and Flash cable, available from Sewell Direct, features white LEDs embedded inside the end that plugs into your phone. Using the same capacitive touch-sensing technology as your smartphone’s screen, the cable only glows when you’re holding it, making it easier to find and plug in as you’re heading off to bed without serving as an unwanted night light the rest of the time.


Available in both Apple Lightning ($17) and microUSB ($15) versions, the 40-inch cables should work for the vast majority of smartphones, e-readers, and tablets out there. So why wouldn’t you upgrade all of your charging cables to these?

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