[Ed. note: This holiday season, Gizmodo has partnered with Tamron to bring you a series of gift guides for the photography buffs in your life. And because she has really great taste, we asked our friend Lisbeth Ortega from Photojojo to share the gear she's really excited about. Check out her picks below.]

We all have that friend that has a DSLR in-hand, ready to shoot any awesome thing that might happen. God bless ‘em. Half of all Facebook photos wouldn't exist without these guys. What do you get the photographer who's always shooting on-the-go? Well, they need a simplified setup that will help them snap photos rather than get in the way. Check out these five tools that'll do just that.


The Capture Camera Clip

This guy pretty much makes you an instant badass because it lets you wear your camera on your belt or bag strap, Clint Eastwood style. It'll save your friend from having to dig through their bag every time a photo op pops up, which we're guessing, in your buddy's case, is pretty frequently. Capture Camera Clip — $79

Tamron's 18-270mm Zoom Lens

This all-in-one zoom lens will have your buddy ready for pretty much anything. Its wide range gives them a spacious 18mm wide-angle and a standard 50mm portrait angle, all the way up to a 270mm telephoto zoom. With a range this wide, they'll never have to switch lenses, which saves you from missing any photos. And it features all the latest tech like Tamron's VC image stabilization and fast PZD (Piezo Drive) AF system. If your photographer is a Sony NEX fan, you'll be glad to know there's a version made just for the NEX series. You can also nab Canon, Nikon and Sony Alpha versions. Tamron 18-270 Di II VC PZD — $549*


The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert

When you're the kind of shooter that always has your camera on you, it's likely that you don't always carry a camera bag — and face it, your camera bag doesn't always match your outfit. But, carrying that expensive gear in your regular bag is just a wee bit risky. This cushioned insert essentially turns your regular bag into a camera bag, at once eliminating the need to carry an extra bag and keeping that prized possession of yours safe and sound. Any Bag Camera Bag Insert — $59

iPad CF Card Reader

This gadget is small but mighty and will change your photo friend's life forevs. It's a card reader that lets you upload your photos straight onto your iPad. That way, they can get straight to editing and posting their photos on Facebook, Flickr, or wherever. iPad CF Card Reader — $30


Camera Lens Mug

Caffeine. A cup of this stuff is all a photographer needs to keep his shutter finger going. Here's a selection of coffee cups that look like lenses, from zooms to telephotos, for your buddy to nerd out over. Camera Lens Mug — $30

Head here to take a closer look at Tamron's entire line of lenses, and then check out all our gift suggestions for the photographer in your life.


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*With $100 mail-in rebate, valid through 12/31/12.