A Cup-Holding Device Mount Makes Flying Slightly More Bearable

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Gone are the days when flying was like taking a luxury cruise. Passengers are now herded onto planes and into seats that barely leave enough room to breath. There are ways to make flying slightly more enjoyable, though, like a tablet mount called the Airhook that also holds a drink so you can leave your tray table folded away.

How often have you passed on a free drink while flying because you didn’t want to have to unfold your tray table and make your seat even more cramped? The other option, just holding your drink the entire time, is no better because in no time your ginger ale will be luke warm. But the Airhook, which rests atop a tray table while it’s in its upright position, features a cup holder that keeps your drink secure and out of the way.

The simple plastic device also serves as a smartphone or tablet mount, letting you perch your mobile device at eye level, use it hands-free, and avoid having to rely on the terrible in-seat entertainment displays that many planes now have built-in. It’s also adjustable, so you can set the perfect angle for your drink or device, or make quick adjustments when the jerk sitting in front of you decides to recline their seat.


After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised just over $72,000, the Airhook is now available for sale VIA its website for just $22. You’ll still have to wait until December for it to arrive, though, as the travel accessory hasn’t gone into production just yet. But given its simple yet clever design, getting it into the hands of frustrated travelers probably isn’t going to be too difficult. And unlike the Knee Defender, another must-have travel accessory, the Airhook isn’t going to cause flights to be diverted.

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