A Curvy, Modern Landline Phone No One Is Ever Going To Want

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Designer Sebastien Sauvage's Eclipse phone is certainly a sight to behold with its handset and base unit flowing into each other as a single elliptical sculpture. It's just too bad most of us don't have a use for it anymore.


Inspired by Western Electric's iconic Sculptura phone from the 1970s, the Eclipse is a modern update with support for digital DECT lines and a wireless handset complete with a full color LCD display.

Had you showed this to me ten years ago my heart would have jumped with excitement at the prospect of having such a slick design in my home. But now, the only people it would even remotely appeal to are either executives unfamiliar with the term Blackberry, or my parents who would still probably consider it too modern looking. So while the Eclipse may very well be hitting the market some time next year, as Sauvage claims, it doesn't mean anyone is actually going to buy one. [Coroflot via Core77]

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Frankly, I don't get the not having a landline trend. I mean, if it's a money issue (and for some people with the economy the way it is, it totally could be) then I get that. If you have to have one or the other, a cell phone is the way to go. But, if money isn't the issue, it just makes more sense to me to have another avenue of communication as a backup. If there is a power outage (even not a super long one) and your cell phone is dead (likely if it's a smart phone and you have been using it all day) then you end up with NO way to communicate to emergency services, family, or whatever.