A Goodbye Card from All of Us in the Blogosphere

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As a special treat, the Gizmodo team, mainly me, John, decided to send Joel off with a card signed by all the major members of the blogsphere as well as a few folks who chimed in on the tips line. I also happen to know that Joel likes kittens—you like-um those little kitty-wittys, don't you, Joel? Yes you do!—so here's a picture of one.

Good luck, buddy.

Joel, you're the funniest gadget writer in the biz, raunchy and witty. Good luck with your next gig and see you in the XML streams!
Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing.net


Thanks Joel for providing high quality, diverse, entertaining posts about gadgets and hardware. Now if you can just find some storage solutions for all the gizmos I've bought because of your site, I'll nominate you for sainthood!
Scott, SlushPile.net

Joel's Gizmodo has provided me innumerable heads-upses on tech toys, trends and tips — links and stories that were ready-made for me to investigate and re-report for the three-and-counting publications I've bounced around at these last 12 months. I will miss his insightful and more-than-occasionally acerbic commentary on all that is good and bad in the consumer electronics arena — at least until he lands a steady writing gig at a competitive publication.
Matt Schneiderman, Sync Magazine


Hey Joel, you were the reason I never read Engadget.
Fraq, Senior Editor, www.doubleviking.com

It's like when Morgan Webb left "The Screen Savers". It was somehow never the same. Your pithy vituperations will be missed and we'll probably never see another toaster post again.


Joel, thanks for making Gizmodo the great site its been since you've been there, and for posting our news and reviews on the Mighty G. We know that even greater things are in store for you (like a potion developed by scientists in Sweden that turns men into puppies with jetpacks.)
Lunacy8m, GadgetMadness.com

Hey Joel, I hear you're moving on to bigger things. That's great for you! I just want you to know that you were an inspiration to me. You made me want to start my website, you gave me my first break and I'll never be able to thank you properly for that. I hope that wherever you're moving on to, we'll still be able to read your wise (or not so wise) words. And rest happy in the knowledge that millions will still visit The House That Joel Built, every day.
David Ponce, OhGizmo.com


Joel: Too many times to count, I've nearly peed myself reading your stuff.
Thanks for making even the most lame piece of technology news worth reading about. As a wise man used to say—keep following your dreams and reaching for the stars...
Joshua Goldman , Staff Editor, Desktops/Software, Computer Shopper Magazine

If it weren't for you, I'd never have known that Nexus 6 models can run on Linux, thereby overriding the 4-year lifespan cap specified in our native OS. I join my brothers and sisters on the off-world colonies in expressing our deepest gratitude for your inimitable knowledge. Your talent has no bounds, and your generosity no half-life. You're not bad for a human.
Xeni Jardin, Xeni.net


Say it ain't soel, Joel! We will miss your unique voice on Gizmodo. Good luck in all your future ventures.
David Finck, Editorial Director, LAPTOP Magazine

Joel: you taught me to love again.
Phil Torrone, Make Magazine

stay grimy and keep the streets on lock, and remember, dogs in blankets are really undercover pigs
Alex, Loosie.com


I wish you the best with where ever the hell you're going. You've provided a great service to people like myself in the industry of product design. And you've provided a great service to those with ADD. Guess I should get back to work! ^_^

Thanks for breathing some life into the gadget world and making us laugh while feeding our obsession. Good luck, I know you'll kick ass wherever you wind up.
Mark Spoonauer, Editor, Laptop Magazine


Joel, Its time my friend that you have decided to go. Your support and generosity in supporting our site has been instrumental in our success. I wish you the best and hope you never lose your sick sense of humor! And by the way stop looking at my lips on my cartoon character
Dave, Davesipaq.com