A Life-Sized Terminator Can Be Yours, For Just $7,000

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A while ago, Chronicle unveiled a life-sized severed Terminator head for you to put on your shelf. Naturally, they thought the next best step would to be to attach an entire body to that head and go nuts, which is why they’re now selling you an actual life-sized Terminator for a mere seven grand.

Coming in at 6 foot tall — honestly, I expected Terminators to be quite a bit taller than 6 foot — the Terminator is actually largely 3D printed, which then uses the same chrome paint technique Legacy Effects used on the original Terminator films to give it that metallic sheen.


Sadly, aside from being a life-size killer robot, the Terminator is a bit threadbare. There’s no weapon to hold, and the pose is just a neutral “museum-style” stance. Honestly, I still can’t see why you’d want this, even more so now that it’s a gigantic hunk of shiny robot, unless you’re just intent on scaring the living bejesus out of your friends and family by continual repositioning a Terminator around the house in unexpected places.


Which is a great idea, I just don’t know if it’s $7000 worth of great — even then, that $7000 pricetag is a limited time offer. It’ll go up to $7500 after a limited period of preordering, so I guess if you love Terminators and just happen to have seven thousand dollars worth of loose change kicking around, a) can I have it?, or b), you can go here and preorder a Terminator ahead of its release later this year.

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