A Magical Patch of Grass Turns Evil in This Scary Short Film

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Whenever people stumble on a mysterious natural phenomenon that grants them powers in movies, things don't generally turn out so well.


You'll have to watch Burnt Grass to find out exactly what goes awry with the short film's central couple when they discover a patch of their lawn with the ability to duplicate organic material.


The film veers from the "look at the normal, young couple" set up a bit too quickly into complete creepy madness. I would've liked for things to progress more gradually, but then again, it's a short film.

Burnt Grass was one of the Short Cuts at Toronto International Film Festival this year, and it definitely won an award in my heart for most ominous puppies.

Image credit: Screenshot via TIFF

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I believe the twist was "OH SHIT, the im the clone! Since, it was alluded that the original is the one that ends up dying. This is illustrated by the flower pot. The "new" one in the white plastic still lives, while the original wilted away. Also, maybe the clone suddenly got the "aha" moment that well they killed her boyfriend and well, now is totally alone in the house, save for the clone dog....or maybe she was like "shit, I should've cloned my boyfriend also"