Making pizza at home can be healthier and cheaper than getting delivery, and you can customize it exactly how you prefer. But nailing down the size and amount of toppings for the perfect pie can be tricky, or at least it was until a mathematician from the University of Sheffield developed an actual formula that guarantees the ideally proportioned pizza.

After performing what had to have been some of the most enjoyable—and tasty—experiments known to science, Dr. Eugenia Cheng found that the average bite from an eleven-inch pizza had ten percent more toppings than the same bite taken from a fourteen-inch pizza. So that settles it, right?


Not exactly. At the same time, if chefs try to overload an eleven-inch pie, they risk a soggy crust when it comes out of the oven. So Cheng created a formula that lets chefs determine the ideal volume of toppings based on how large they want the pizza to be. The formula sounds like it's complicating something that isn't really a problem to begin with, but this is pizza we're talking about. And a dinner party, or even a restaurant, can be ruined if a soggy pizza gets served up to guests. [Daily Mail via Foodbeast]

Photo by Shutter Stock/S. Matveev & R2D2

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