Illustration for article titled A Seesaw Table Means Youll Never Eat Alone

Some people sit down to enjoy a nice, relaxing meal with their partners. Others, like the mad evil genius behind this seesaw table, like a little extra danger with their microwave pizza.


The table is the (only slightly crazy) brainchild of Dutch designer Marleen Jansen. Rather than being a product you can actually buy (although, for the record, I would Kickstart the shit out of this), it was part of her dissertation. Called the Courtesy Table, it's designed to 'voluntarily force' good manners on the subjects — if you get up halfway through dinner, the seesaw dumps your partner on the floor, rather than just being mildly offensive.

Sadly, there's no setting that'll launch you into the air if you try and start Instagramming your food, but still, it's a nice reminder that good manners never hurt anyone. Suddenly bouncing up and down during dinner, on the other hand, can be a killer. [Marleen Jansen via Ignant]

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