Well here's a new option for the wealthy tourist who's seen it all. No, it's not a trip to space. It's not a floating hotel room or even a wild safari. It's a luxury submarine—an underwater palace built for a Bond villain that can be yours for the weekend. But it'll cost you.

British rich person adventure company Oliver's Travels recently christened the Lover's Deep, a massive underwater vessel that will pick you up on the Caribbean Island of your choice. You also get to choose where the submarine goes, so if you've been dying to have sex in the shadow of a shipwreck, this is your chance.

Unlike submarines in popular films like The Hunt for Red October, this sub comes with windows—big windows. And couches and flatscreen TVs and a bar and a king size bed and a really weird-looking sink.

Seriously, though, the travel company is pushing the sex angle. The website even advertises trips on the Lover's Deep as "the opportunity to join the Mile Low club." (Get it? Like the Mile High club only down not up.) This will be luxurious sex, too. You're given free* champagne upon boarding, for starters. Then, a private chef will cook you an aphrodisiac tasting menu that includes oysters, caviar, and chocolate. You can then indulge in "optional rose petals scattered on bed and Barry White soundtrack." There's even a butler on board in case you'd like some post-coital tea.

Sounds pretty posh, right? It should be, since it costs $145,000 per person, per night to stay on the Lover's Deep. There's also a two-night minimum, which means your luxurious underwater weekend getaway will cost upwards of $780,000 (plus airfare). Book now.

* Nothing is free when you're spending this much money on a hotel.