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This Floating Hotel Room Comes with an Underwater Fish-Peeping Deck

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You probably want to visit the Manta Resort, a new getaway in Zanzibar—because, at the Manta Resort, you can actually get away from the getaway and stay a few hundred feet offshore in a floating hotel room. And then you can getaway again in the underwater bedroom built for watching fish.


The Underwater Room is exactly what it sounds like. The tiny floating island features three levels for lucky vacationers. On the water level, there's space for lounging and dining, while a sun deck above makes for great tanning and even better stargazing at night.


The room's real allure is underwater, though, where the bedroom sits 13 feet beneath the surface. With windows on all sides and lights to illuminate the water at night, you can peer out into the Indian Ocean and see everything from trumpet fish to octopus float by. Gives new meaning to the idea of sleeping with the fishes, huh?

This unique experience does not come cheap, at $1,500 a night. But that also buys you full access to the rest of the resort on land. The exotic location is also great for scuba diving as well as safaris. But, seriously, your own floating island with an underwater bedroom? Why would you ever leave?

Oh, and in case you had any doubts about having the place to yourself, this is what it looks like on Google Maps... [PSFK via Telegraph]


Images by Jesper Anhede