A Snorkel Mask That Lets You Breath Like You're Not Underwater

Snorkeling isn't the most difficult skill to master—especially compared to scuba diving—but only breathing through your mouth is a skill that doesn't come easy to everyone. The Easybreath mask promises to make first-timers seem like snorkeling pros with a full face design that lets anyone breathe like they were still standing on shore.


It might look a little dorky strapped to your face, but the Easybreath mask keeps your mouth and nose open so you can breathe normally, while a double air-flow system ensures the moist air you're exhaling is quickly removed. And that of course has the added benefit of the Easybreath mask never fogging up while you're underwater.

The part of the snorkel tube that stays above water to suck in fresh air and release exhaled breaths also features a special valve that seals when the mask is completely submerged, preventing the wearer from gulping down a mouthful of water. And while that's not a particularly new innovation, it just adds to the $55 Easybreath's overall appeal if the thought of even just sticking your face underwater has you panicking. [Tribord via Damn Geeky]

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