A Tiny Keychain Tripod You'll Always Have On Hand

Just like a camera, the best tripod is the one you have with you. There's no point in spending hundreds of dollars on a carbon fiber set of sticks if they're inconvenient to carry. So the tiny Tiltpod Mobile is designed to attach to your keys, ensuring it's always close at hand—or at least somewhere in your pocket.

Given its minuscule dimensions the Tiltpod Mobile isn't going to handle a DSLR, or even a point and shoot camera for that matter. It's designed exclusively for use with a naked iPhone 4, securing it to any surface with a grippy rubber base, and allowing you to tilt it to almost any angle with a magnetic ball joint. It promises blur-free low light shots and perfectly poised timelapse videos, but with a $15 price tag and such a small footprint, it's hard to imagine this being as rocksteady as even the smallest three-legged tripods.


[Photojojo Store]

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