Alien Invaders Will Apparently Arrive In Stylish Bus Shelters

No one's entirely sure what the aliens who will inevitably invade our planet will look like. But if movies have taught us anything, their spacecraft will probably look a lot like this stunning bus station in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

Designed by Spanish architect Eustáquio Martínez, the Intercambiador Padre Anchieta—or Interchange Station Padre Anchieta—was completed just this past February and is a stark contrast to the usual utilitarian design of bus stations. The angular holes punched through the imposing roof structure let plenty of light through, and surprisingly the green buses seem to perfectly complement the structure's bright color scheme. It's also a good example of building something that itself is art to deter vandals from defacing it. [Eustáquio Martínez via CollabCubed]


Images by David Frutos


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