All The Stuff You Can Send To Your Android Phone From The Search Bar

Over the last few weeks, Google has quietly been rolling out the ability to interact with your Android device on a limited basis, right from the search bar. It started with asking Google to “find my phone”; now, you can set alarms, send directions, or leave yourself a note.

With all of these tricks, you have to be logged into the Google Chrome browser and your Android phone for things to work. With some of them, you’re also supposed to be in the United States. For the time being, adding &gl=us to the search will let foreigners join in on the fun.

You also need:

Then, you can pull off all these tricks:


Find My Phone

Stick ‘Find My Phone’ into your browser, and you’ll get a card with the last known location of your phone (which will be the current location, if it’s turned on and has reception). You also get the option to ring it, which is ideal if, like me, your couch enjoys eating 4.7-inch glass rectangles.

Sending Directions

The trigger phrase here is — surprise surprise — “send directions”, which gives you a basic maps card you can use to set a route, then send it to an Android device of your choice.


Note To Self

This is probably my favorite: search ‘note to self’, and you’ll get a card that lets you send a basic note to your Android phone. Even better, search ‘note to self buy beer’, you’ll get a card auto-filled with beer. Life doesn’t get much better than that.


Set Alarm

As you can probably guess: search for ‘set an alarm’ while you’re closing up your laptop for the night, and you can set an alarm for the next morning, which will appear BY MAGIC on your Android phone. Not the internet. Magic. Typing ‘set an alarm for 8:00 also works, and saves you a whole three clicks.


Set A Reminder

Much like the others: type ‘set a reminder’, and you’ll get a reminder card you can forward on to your Android fondleslab.


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Fondleslab. That’s the most apt description ever.