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Amazon's Jeff Bezos: Color-Screened Kindle Is "Multiple Years" Away

We think the perfect e-reader would require a color screen, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said today that not only is a color version of the Kindle not imminent, but that "I know it's multiple years. I don't know how many years but it's years." Lame.


Bezos also noted, as we had kind of expected, that Amazon will never reveal specific sales numbers for the Kindle, which is kind of disappointing but also kind of nonchalant and cool. We knew that color e-ink isn't nearly ready for primetime, so it's no big surprise that Amazon knows it. Looks like we're stuck with black-and-white for a few more years at least. [AFP]

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Michael Scrip

The reason black-n-white e-ink screens look so good is because the letters are so dark and the background is so light. The sharp contrast makes it look like a sheet of paper. When viewed under decent light it looks pretty good.

I don't see how a color e-ink screen can look good. It will probably look washed out and bland, like a color newspaper... instead of a glossy magazine.

If there was a way to turn off the backlight in your LCD monitor, you'd see what I mean. Continuous-tone colors won't look as good a sharp black-n-whit text.