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AMD's Strategy for Bringing HD to the Masses

Illustration for article titled AMDs Strategy for Bringing HD to the Masses

We just met with AMD's CTO Phil Hester, and he clued us in on a few cool high-def processing tricks that the company will pull this year:

• The Puma mobile chipset, due out in Q2 of this year, is able to play the Transformers HD DVD (intense MPEG-4 AVC) and still have 40% to 60% of the processor left over. Normal laptops today use almost 100% of their processors on Transformers, and still drop tons of frames.


• Hybrid Crossfire will enable a cheap-o PC with integrated graphics to deliver a 1.7x speed bump when combined with a cheap-o discrete graphics card.

• A beta plug-in for Adobe Premiere is coming soon which will allow you to offload video encoding to the GPU, delivering a massive speed increase of 6x to 10x. Basically, you'll be able to encode in half the time it takes to play back, without paying a ton for the processor. [AMD]

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this is some exciting news right here... i hope AMD will think of supporting open-source plug-ins for Linux apps...