Unlike grown-ups who’ve had their wildest creative impulses edited, judged, and generally tamped down for years, kids are pretty fearless when it comes to facing a blank page. Wielding crayons with reckless abandon ain’t no thang for the little 'uns, but a bit of artistic guidance can be fun, too.

Outside the Lines is a new coloring book that features drawings by some of today’s most prolific creative folks. Author Souris Hong-Porretta was inspired by her own daughter, who was consistently more interested in examining Warhol prints than the stuff traditionally marketed towards toddlers and pre-tweens. Thanks to years spent in the LA scene, Hong-Porretta pulled together an impressive roster of contributors, most of whom were pals or friends-of-friends. “Nobody was a stranger,” she says.


There was no particular directive for the submissions, so the collection represents an awesome range of black-and-whites, most of which wouldn't look out of place framed on a wall in a home (with or without children). I picked out some of my faves below, but you can peek at the entire set here, and purchase a copy for $10 here. [Outside the Lines]

Houses, by Ephameron

Girls, by Adrian Nymann

Coloring Page, by Max Erdenberger

Unbound & Free, by Kiku Yamaguchi

Subway Skeletons, by Logan Hicks

The Voices in Our Heads, by Steven Harrington