Announcing the Sploid Short Film Festival

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Welcome to the first edition of the Sploid Short Film Festival, a celebration of great storytelling and awesome eye candy. We will select the best short films of 2015 in the next five months leading to a November award ceremony at Gawker Media’s theater on Fifth Avenue in New York.


What is the Sploid Short Film Festival?

Sploid has been curating the best videos on the internet for almost two years now. We’ve featured hundreds of shorts with great stories and awesome visuals and helped bring those films to a larger audience.

Now we want to go one step further and recognize the talent of the amazing individuals and teams of filmmakers with a festival to celebrate their art.


The selection process

We are opening up submissions for the Sploid Short Film Festival 2015 starting today: Just send us a link to your video. It’s that simple. You can do that by e-mailing us here. If it matches what we’re looking for, we will contact you back.

We will also contact the filmmakers of any short film we love as part of our daily curatorial work and invite them to submit their films to the Sploid Short Film Festival as well.

The voting process

After we select your video we will publish it in our YouTube video channel, in the Sploid Short Film Festival playlist.*


We will feature each short and its filmmakers in an article that will be published in Sploid, Gizmodo, and io9, where over 44 million unique monthly viewers will be able to watch it. It’s simple, Sploid readers will vote for their favorite films by liking the video on YouTube. The films will also be promoted through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The submission process closes on October 31. The voting phase will remain open until November 14 so readers can vote for the videos they like best.


On November 15, we will look at the statistics and select the top 10 videos (with an emphasis on a higher like-to-views ratio to compensate for each video’s different life span in our YouTube channel). We will invite the producers of each video to come to the award ceremony in our new Gawker Media Theater in New York City.

A voting panel led by a recognized filmmaker (TBA) will select the winner among the top 10 videos on the day of the festival.



Aside from fame and glory, the winner will get a $5,000 cash award. (The amount may even increase once the deal is finalized with the sponsor of the festival.)


* Note: Don’t worry, You will retain all rights over your film—your video will not be monetized in our YouTube channel and you can still present it in any other platform and/or festival you want.


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Great! I have an idea that I can squeeze into 30 minutes, probably with commercials. 3 women that are friends retire into a house together. One is named Maude or Dorothy, not decided yet. She’s bitterly divorced, and has a fiesty mom who escapes Shady Pines, a retirement home, to come live with her daughter. One named Blanche who is a bit randy. Another who is a little less street smart from a small midwest farming town. Together, they are thankful for being friends, traveling up and down the road, and back again. Their hearts are true. They are pals and confidants.

I think this could be a hit. Now, just to figure out the name. Silver Years? Platinum Friends? Not sure how to go with this.