App of the Day: CNBC Real Time for iPad

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If you own one of Apple's tablets and happen to follow the stock market, I can't imagine you'd ever need anything more than CNBC's Real Time for iPad, a luxuriously large version of the much-loved iPhone and iPod Touch app.

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What is it?

CNBC Real Time for iPad, iPad, Free. A well-stocked stocks app with real time quotes, interactive charts, currencies, commodities, a customizable and flickable ticker, news, video, and, perhaps most impressively, a slick design that makes it all somewhat manageable.


Who's it good for?

People who follow the stock market; business students; people who want something impressive looking to put on their iPads when it's just sitting there charging on their desks.

Why's it better than alternatives?

CNBC says it's the only stocks app that pulls quotes directly from NYSE and NASDAQ before, during, and after market hours. It's free. And while I admittedly do not know much of anything about trading stocks, Live View seems to cram in just about everything one could ask for in an app like this.


How could it be even better?

If it just had a button I could press so that'd it make a bunch of money on the stock market for me automatically.


You can grab CNBC Real Time in the App Store for free.

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Not to be a smartass, but how can you deem this app of the day if you don't know anything about investing? How do you know how to review this app?