App of the Day: FLUD Mobile for iPhone

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RSS isn't for everyone, but a handful of new apps are making feeds easier to discover and more intuitive to read than ever. FLUD Mobile for the iPhone is one of them—it's free and it looks great.

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What is it?

FLUD Mobile, iPhone, Free. A cleanly designed feed reader that serves up bits of news not as a list of text headlines but rather as a grid of attractive, picture-bearing squares. Navigating with horizontal and vertical swipes is a piece of cake, and new feeds can be added from a list of featured sites or simply by searching for a site's name.

Who's it good for?

People who want to keep up with a handful of sites on a daily basis but don't have a clue what "RSS" is; people who value aesthetics over efficiency, in their feed reader or just in general.

Why's it better than alternatives?

As proven by the success of its visual newsreader brethren Pulse, people like it when RSS items are brought to life with pictures and good design. FLUD Mobile looks great, is free, and unlike Pulse allows users to add unlimited feeds. The FLUD app for iPad is also currently free.


How could it be even better?

FLUD Mobile is new to the App Store, which means that things are a little rough around the edges, certainly in terms of performance if not appearance. There are some issues with the sizing of images in items, as well as with weird characters getting introduced into text, and the silky smoothness of the navigation can lock up frustratingly if an item's taking too long to load.


You can grab FLUD Mobile in the App Store for free.

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