App of the Day: Friends for iPhone

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You probably have more friends scattered across more social networks than you can even think of right now. Friends wants to be the place where you can find them all—and see what they're saying, wherever they're saying it.

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What is it?

Friends, iPhone, $2. A contacts manager to end all contacts managers, Friends lumps your Address Book contacts, Facebook friends, Twitter followees and more into one mega list. From there you can dive into a single contact and view their activity across social networks (or do regular stuff like text 'em, call 'em, write 'em a Facebook message, etc) or step back and view all your friends' activity—their Facebook posts, tweets and the like—in one huge aggregated feed. Right now the app supports Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Instapaper, though I wouldn't be surprised to see more in future updates.


Who's it good for?

Social media nerds; people who are always jumping from app to app to get in touch with the people they need to get in touch with; those who like keeping things in one place whenever possible.

Why's it better than alternatives?

It's an ambitious app but one that is surprisingly functional out of the gate—it flawlessly pulled and combined my contacts with few snags or duplicates. It goes beyond the contact manager call of duty by including ways to view your friends' activity, sorted by service, the type of media attached to the post, etc. And all this heavy lifting is wrapped up in a clean, intuitive interface (when there is obviously a chance for SERIOUS OVERLOAD).


How could it be even better?

The tools Friends provides to browse through friends' activity (unsurprisingly) don't come close to the dedicated apps we're used to. And the list of supported services now covers the big ones, but it'd be nice to see it stretch out a bit to cover even more.


You can grab Friends in the App Store for $2.

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My Android phone already does this. Maybe I'm missing something here.