App of the Day: Screens for iPad and iPhone

I always asked myself how much I really needed VNC on my iPad, assuming it'd be a huge headache to deal with. Screens, which is a cinch to configure and totally intuitive to operate, pretty much made my objections irrelevant.


What is it?

Screens, iPhone and iPad, $15. A super simple, super pretty VNC client for iOS. Basically you get to control your main machine as you would if you were sitting there—Screens supports multitouch gestures, offers easy access to the dock, and has big touchable buttons for commonly used shortcuts. It's a snap to setup and works with most VNC servers for Windows, Mac, and LInux.

Who's it good for?

People who want to access their main machines from their iOS devices but feel a bit daunted by the prospect of setting up a VNC server and client; people who value a polished VNC experience; people who just can't give up their multitouch gestures.


Why's it better than alternatives?

Screens is one of the simplest iOS VNC clients to set up and one of the most intuitive to use. There's hardly any learning curve whatsoever, and gesture support is clutch for trackpad jockeys.


How could it be even better?

Screens is a relatively new app and can get crashy from time to time.


Screens, $15 | iTunes App Store

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