Apple Building PayPal Killer, Sources Babble

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According to Silicon Alley, the latest rumor in Wall Street is Apple's plan to turn the iTunes Store into a payment system like Paypal. In other words, they want you to give them money so you can buy things elsewhere.


iPhone and iPod touch users can already buy third-party products within applications using iTunes accounts. However, according to these rumors, the new scheme will open the door for other companies outside the store ecosystem to use iTunes as their payment gate for whatever goods or services they may sell.

It makes sense, as people are used to pay with iTunes one-click system—which is licensed from Amazon—anyway. Why not extend to participating companies and make an easy dollar? We will see if the gossip is true or not soon enough. [Silicon Alley Insider]



This will all end in tears. How will Apple satiate my ebay lust? So many developers of Apple programs currently use paypal with their premium accounts as the means of payment. When I buy things from Bricklink, it's with paypal, if I buy some random part from Dell's site, that's also paypal. In order for this to work they'll have to beat paypal in just about every avenue, or else it'll die quickly. Humbug.