Apple Sells iPhones? [Update: It Sells Watches, Too]

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Apple, a company best known for its affiliation with U2 and James Corden, had a big announcement today. It’s earnings week, when giant multibillion dollar companies announce how many millions they made during the holiday season. Apple, which sells watches, set-top boxes, and, soon, speakers, revealed that it made a shit ton of money selling...telephones?

The company, co-founded by Ronald Wayne, made $61.6 billion dollars selling phones this year. Up from $54.4 billion in the same period last year. What was shocking to many was that it made more money despite selling 1-percent fewer phones—from 78.3 million to 77.3 million. Many presume this is because Apple sells a $1,000 phone known as the iPhone X, which can apparently not only let you communicate with your children, but also allow people to potentially steal parts of your face. But this million-phone difference could also be because phones are pretty okay now and you don’t really need a new one.

Apple is currently doing its earning call, where CEO Tim Cook will brag about money and then people from financial firms will ask about money and then we’ll all hang up, so, presumably, at least one person can go bathe in a hot tub full of gold coins.



Update 5:18pm ET - According to Tim Cook Apple also sold a bunch of Apple Watches. While Apple does not say how many Cook, in the earnings call, did say the series 3 sold twice the volume of the series 2 and continues to be the best selling smartwatch in the world.