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Apple Watch Will Play Music On Bluetooth Headphones, No iPhone Required

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Apple Watch we got a glimpse at this week is a powerful peripheral device, but most of its tricks require it to be tethered to an iPhone in the user's pocket. Last night on Charlie Rose, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed one thing the Watch can do on its own: Send music to your Bluetooth headphones.

Cook wore a white Apple Watch during the interview, and showed some of its features to Charlie Rose, who pointed out for viewers that the Watch requires an iPhone to be attached. Cook mentioned one neat little feature of the Watch, one we hadn't heard much about before:

It requires an iPhone, because they've been designed to work together. However, if you go for a run, and you don't want to carry your iPhone, music is also on your watch. So with a Bluetooth headset, you can run and listen to your music without your iPhone.


That's neat! And given the health-tracking sensors and features built in to the Apple Watch, wearing it on your jog isn't such an outlandish assumption. It also sounds like a great way for Apple to try and up-sell you on some Beats-brand Bluetooth headphones, for what it's worth.