Apple's Top Designer Explains Design

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Most of you probably know Jonathan Ive even if you don't recognize the name—he's Apple's head of design (otherwise known as the company's Senior Vice President of Industrial Design). And he's chiefly credited for designs of the iMac, iPod and iPhone. In an interview with The Independent, he shared some of his philosophies on designing for Apple, and just how Apple "does it."

We have a very clear focus that all the development teams at Apple share, a focus around trying to make really great products. That can sound ridiculously simplistic, almost naive, but it's very unique for the product to be what consumes you completely.


Later in the piece, Ive talks about Apple's place as a cultural icon.

I'm not driven by making a cultural impact. That's just a consequence of taking a remarkably powerful technology and making it relevant. My goal is simply to try to make products that really are meaningful to people.

We could easily pull the entire interview and paste it here for you to read, but you should really hit up the original article instead. There's plenty more interesting stuff left. [The Independent via psfk]




Why do we have a problem? Jealousy. We can't live without function and are just pissed we can't have the form as well. I'm a design snob in other areas and my disappointment usually exists when both could have been done well, but one is sacrificed for the sake of some reason that is less than worthy, in my mind. I'll give up some performance/ability of an object in exchange for balance , reliability and comfort of use. For computers/tech gear, I won't make that concession.