Are Facebook and Yahoo Teaming Up on Search?

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Are Facebook and Yahoo getting ready to go in on a search venture together? According to a report from The Sunday Telegraph sourced by anonymous insiders, yes. Rumor has it that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg have been chatting about working together to maybe get a search engine going.

Ever since Mayer took the helm at Yahoo, the company has been taking a bit of a turn towards search, and by teaming up with Facebook, it may be able to get itself back into the game full time. A partnership with Facebook could get Yahoo the kind of traffic it needs to work on its algorithm, and Facebook has been expressing interesting in getting into search for a while now.

At the moment, Yahoo relies on Bing, and signed up to do so for a whole ten years, only three of which are up. A search agreement with Facebook would likely put some stress on that deal, quite possibly bringing it to a breaking point. Of course these rumors of an alliance are only that, rumors. And there's no way of telling how far along any actual negotations may be. But regardless of all that, it would definitely be wild to see Yahoo back in the search engine game big time. [The Sunday Telegraph via CNET]


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I don't see why everyone is so negative about this deal. The way I see it, facebook is full of data ready to be mined by advertisers while yahoo has experience in dealing and selling to advertisers. This could be a great combination. In fact, google has been trying to make something similar to facebook in order to mine the data but is not successful. This could become the combination google has been dreaming about.