Here’s what we know.

This appears to be an entire log of pork and beef bologna, at least judging by the casing coloration on the Boar’s Head website. (Pure beef is red on the outside.) By some estimates, a whole bologna weighs five to eight pounds. Therefore this entire sandwich, if you can call it that, contains ten times the recommended daily intake of sodium. There is also a single slice of rye bread in the middle.


Did he finish it? We don’t know.

A Spanish language Tumblog called WiselWisel was the first to post the image— based on a search via Tineye—back in 2015. It later appeared on a Buzzfeed list called “21 Photos Too German to Be True,” throwing the national origin of the image into question. It’s also appeared on VK and multiple Reddit threads. And still, the identity of inside-out bologna sandwich man is not known.


So—are you this guy? If so, are you dead? Please comment below or email us if you know his identity.