AT&T EDGE Speeds on Steroids?

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It looks like Operation Fine EDGE might be paying some pretty fine dividends. AT&T customers at both Mac Rumors' forums and HowardForums are relaying that tonight they've been experiencing some fairly jazzed up EDGE action—speeds have been hitting around 200kbps, a far cry from the typical 40kbps that made Pogue-y a sad panda.

Dermot at the MacRumors forum put together a running list of cities experiencing the almost awesomness:

New York City: 184kb/s
Queens, NY: 186kb/s-230kb/s
Chicago suburbs: 160kb/s
S. Florida: 176kb/s-204kb/s
Washington DC: 196kb/s-207kb/s
Philly: 191kb/s-264kb/s
Marion, Indiana: 186kb/s-196kb/s
North Seattle: 190kb/s
Dallas: 160kb/s
West of East Orange, New Jersey: 365kb/s


Are any of you guys feeling the juice? Let us know in the comments.

AT&T's EDGE Network: Now Snappier? [MacRumors]

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