Atari Console Flash Cartridges

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So everybody knows about flash memory cartridges for game consoles at this point. While they can certainly be used for good ol' piracy, lots of mobile gamers use them with their Game Boys in lieu of carrying around 50 different cartridges with all their favorite games, which might not be technically legal, but is certainly a lot more reasonable and convenient (and to be totally fair, there's usually a little bit of rip-off gaming here and there, too). But I didn't realize someone was making flash carts for Atari systems—that's a pleasant shock. The A52 MaxiCart and the A26 MaxiCart from Videogame Wiz are flash memory loaders for the Atari 5200 and 2600, respectively. Download some ROM images, copy them over via USB from your PC, and load 'em up on your Atari.


It's not legal (unless they're homebrew games or something), but most Atari-era stuff is abandonware at this point anyway, so I'm giving you my own personal permission this time. And companies that are republishing their old titles need to watch it. $30 for Balloon Fight? (Thanks, R!)

A26 Product Page [VGWiz]
A52 Product Page [VGWiz]

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