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Azimuth Mr.Roboto Watch

Illustration for article titled Azimuth Mr.Roboto Watch

If you're looking to drop a few Gs on a watch, may we recommend an alternative to Rolex or Tag Heuer? How about the Mr. Roboto Watch by Azimuth? While not plated in gold, it does capture the gloriously retro style of 1950s tin robot toys. Constructed from steel (otherwise known as "fuck you, gold"), the timepiece features automatic winding and up to 50M of waterproof fun. For a shot of its inspiration robot, hit the jump.

Illustration for article titled Azimuth Mr.Roboto Watch

The Mr. Roboto Watch will sell for $4,800 when it's released this September. [watchismo via gizmowatch][image\]

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@uberfu: I didnt say it wasnt there, just hard to glance at and see the time; you have work at it, which for the cash they want, seems a little ridiculous.

Do we need to learn how to use spell check again?