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Certain songs and musicians conjure a very specific mood. LA-based singer Jillian Banks has mastered a kind of music designed to pipe through the air on a humid July night as you engage in a lascivious and potentially morally ambiguous make-out session in an infinity pool.


Banks' first LP, Goddess, is due out September 9, and you can pre-order it on iTunes. It is not hyperbolically named. In the meantime, she's dropped a string of excellent singles and an EP, so you can get your sexy pool party vibe on before summer's over.


Here's a single from the upcoming album, Begging for Thread.

Hell. Yeah. On a scale of one to sultry, things are emphatically sultry. The water is that perfect swimming pool blue. You are simultaneously erotic and elegant, like Diane Lane. If you are not a tiny bit aroused after listening to this, you are a monster, or Varys from Game of Thrones.

I'll give you one more chance. Here's the video for Waiting Game, from her 2013 EP, London.

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