Batman v Superman Cellist Returns for Wonder Woman, and Shares Badass Metal Theme

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Tina Guo, the cellist who helmed Hans Zimmer’s powerful theme for Wonder Woman’s action scene in Batman v Superman, has teased a kickass metal version of the song, making us more pumped that she’s back for the Wonder Woman solo film.

Guo shared some clips on Twitter of her work on a new Wonder Woman single, which is infinitely more hardcore than the original version (don’t get me wrong, though, “Is She With You” is pretty damn good). Guo told io9 that it’s a personal single and not related to Wonder Woman, but we do know that she’s working on the music for the soundtrack.


Guo is a classically trained musician, but a lot of her music incorporates rock and metal. Dude, look, she plays bass. That is so awesome. Side note, I totally have a thing for kick-ass women who can rock a metal bass riff.


In an interview with Newsledge (and BBC), Guo confirmed that she’s been “recording” for the Wonder Woman film, but she wouldn’t say what exactly she was working on. The original Wonder Woman trailer included Guo’s cello riff from BvS, which hints that the song could be used in the solo film. Then again, they might’ve used that for the trailer because it was a song people were already familiar with from the previous film.

In any case, I can’t wait to hear how the metal version turns out... fingers crossed that it ends up on the soundtrack. Wonder Woman + Metal = YES.