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It is America's birthday party and you should probably be standing in a backyard, eating a hot dog and drinking a shandy, looking at a flag if not actively waving one, as expensive fireworks crackle in the distance and strains of Bruce Springsteen play through your neighbor's ostentatiously expensive new stereo system.


But you are reading Gizmodo (maybe on your phone, whilst standing in a backyard? I don't know your life) which leads me to believe you are celebrating the 4th of July by looking at a screen, at least for part of the day.

If you're going to keep looking at a screen, pay tribute to 'Merica by watching the movie that best represents our great nation: Roland Emmerich's 1996 summer blockbuster, Independence Day.


It was directed by a German, but Independence Day is a straight up American movie. It's full of explosions, blatant plot inconsistencies, noble rednecks, noble strippers, Apple computers, scientists without common sense, a crotchety old man, alcoholism, Jeff Goldblum, the White House, a dog surviving despite the odds, and interracial friendships. The only way it could be more American is if it had Randy Quaid. OH WAIT.

It is a movie about the entire world being jeopardized by malevolent alien invaders that focuses almost solely on the experience in the U.S. The movie assumes that the rest of the world would just defer to America re: averting impending apocalypse via utterly improbable rescue mission.

It is perfect.

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